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Barrio Cuba Factory


Advanced Technical Process.

It is easy to do our work. Our factory is more than 12000 mts2 big, consists of the best prepared personnel and the most modern machinery, all to produce a product that is competitive in the global market.

The constant investment in improvement, infrastructure and technology is the key to guaranteeing an efficient level of production and a commitment to the quality of our products.

The long chain of processes in our factory include development through the Department of Design, Metal Mechanics, Painting, Thermoforming, Post-forming and Assembly, producing a premium product, ISO 9001 certified, and a market presence for more than 17 years.


Our Equipment:


Automatic Press

Through computer programming the stamping press automatically cuts the metal.


The plant personnel is capable of manual labor while taking the appropriate precautions. The metal shaper is another machine that is very important to the process.



The uniting of metal is secured through the welding process giving the product the strength necessary to support heavy weight.

Painting Chamber

The journey of the metal includes various phases: de-ionization, elimination of oil by acid, washing with water and drying.



The Router allows for the cutting of the wood , before computer programming, to give a natural form to the surfaces of the office furniture.


Through the application of heat, the Thermoformer, lays the membrane for what will give the surface finishing to the furniture. This step happens in a vacuum to guarantee there are no impurities.



In wood furniture a base of stoppers and pegs and of the same material are used. These, in comparison to screws and nails, give the furniture more resistance. The press, through its hydraulic arms, allows for the pressing of the pieces until the glue dries and the furniture is intact.


After the assembly, and other finishing processes the furniture is ready for delivery.


System of Control

The control system programs the passing of the metal through the cleaning and drying process prior to the application of paint.


The paint powder is applied to the metal reducing the waste to a minimum and now residues may be reused. Additionally, with the finish of this paint the metal does not oxidize or scratch with normal use.


San Francisco de Dos Ríos Factory


As part of its plan for growth in the Central American region, the Caribbean and Mexico, Euromobilia opened a new plant of metal mechanics and painting in wood, with an extension of 6000 square meters in San Francisco de Dos Ríos, San José Costa Rica.

With an investment that surpasses six million dollars, the business acquired machinery with state-of-art technology imported from Germany, Holland and Italy, becoming the best equipped plant in the region, with the largest productive capacity.


This new Euromobilia project will allow us to carry out the steel reel cut processes, bending, die-cut, perforated and welding in less time, maintaining the world quality standards we have with our accreditation of ISO 9000.

The purpose in building this plant is to enlarge the productivity and to launch new product lines in order to satisfy transnational clients like Nike and Converse, among others that have approached the business so that we can produce custom-made furniture for their operations in Latin America.


Heredia Factory

Assembly plant of seating and Center of Distribution for product imported.


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